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You're My Destiny

A young woman's romantic cruise ends in a twist when she gets pregnant after a one-night stand with a rich executive, turning their lives upside down.

1 Season, 39 Episodes
January 1, 2008
Comedy, Romance

You're My Destiny Full Episode Guide

  • Xin-yi and Cun-xi are finally married and try very hard to give Granny a great-grandchild. Xin-yi prays for pregnancy but faints unexpectedly at work.

  • Cun-xi despairs after Xin-yi leaves and starts going on blind dates. He discovers the outcomes of the medical report, and promises to marry her.

  • Dylan sees through Cun-xi's feigned blindness. Cun-xi wants to impress Xin-yi, but Xin-yi receives her medical report just before their date.

  • Cun-xi is temporarily blind. Xin-yi feels guilty and takes care of him. Cun-xi recovers the next day. Fearing that she may leave, he feigns blindness.

  • Anna finally reunites with Dylan as brother and sister. Cun-xi rushes to Jiang Mu Island but is mistakenly kidnapped.

  • Cun-xi wants to give Xin-yi a gift, but the gift is stolen by someone else. Dylan tries to help Anna restore confidence and return to the stage.

  • Cun-xi chats with Xin-yi online anonymously to win her back. Dylan is now certain that Anna is his younger sister.

  • Cun-xi and his grandmother discover the truth and confront Anna. Dylan suspects that Anna is his long-lost younger sister.

  • Cun-xi is worried that Grandma wouldn't get to see the birth of the beloved puppies and gets ready to videotape the delivery. Then Anna shows up.

  • Anna tells Cun-xi how important he is to her. Xi-shi wants to marry Xin-yi off. Cun-xi is taken to a hotel and there he realizes his true feelings.

  • Cun-xi has a fever and Xin-yi wishes to take care of him. Cun-xi professes his feelings for Xin-yi who leaves after she finds out about the wedding.

  • Xin-yi and Cun-xi discuss gift design but the sketches are blown away. Cun-xi runs after them and falls. Anna brings the warranty card to Cun-xi.

  • Cun-xi asks Master Zhongshanlong to design a soap case. Xin-yi tries to turn down Cun-xi's offer but the Master suggests that Xin-yi take the job.

  • Cun-xi finally finds Xin-yi, only to see Dylan by her side. He finds a way to send Dylan away, masquerades as a mystery man and asks Xin-yi to dance.

  • Cun-xi flies to Shanghai for business and buys a present for Anna. The signature on the warranty card gives him a pleasant surprise.

  • Xin-yi begins her artistic career. Cun-xi opens a dance studio for Anna. Two years pass and Dylan plans to launch Xin-yi's first work of art.

  • Xin-yi believes that Cun-xi wants her to sign the abortion agreement. She has an accident and refuses to see Cun-xi. She goes to Shanghai with Dylan.

  • Cun-xi asks Anna to wait for 7 months. Embittered, Anna gives an abortion consent form to Xin-yi in Cun-xi's name. Xin-yi's family is enraged.

  • Grandmother orders Cun-xi to bring Xin-yi to her 80th birthday. Upon learning that Xin-yi almost had a miscarriage, Cun-xi scales a wall to see her.

  • Xin-yi says goodbye to Dylan. He believes that Cun-xi drove her off and is furious. Xin-yi is hospitalized and grandma finds out about their pledge.

  • Cun-xi professes his love to Xin-yi. Anna suddenly returns. Xin-yi covers for Cun-xi and lies. Cun-xi learns why Anna has been fired and feels guilty.

  • At the auction, Cun-xi donates a necklace worth 3 million. Outside, Xin-yi is confronted by troublemaker Ma-li, but Dylan comes to her rescue.

  • Cun-xi decides to repay Xin-yi and takes her to Jiang Mu Island. Anna gives up her favorite dance. Cun-xi's grandma invites Xin-yi to the exhibition.

  • Dylan suddenly shows up to take Xin-yi to the exhibition. Xin-yi comes to the restaurant where Cun-xi is meeting Anna and helps Cun-xi out.

  • Cun-xi and Xin-yi discover something while filling out feedback forms in a restaurant. Dylan preps for the exhibition and checks the guest list.

  • Xin-yi finds that Cun-xi has breached a contract for her and feels guilty. Feng-jiao suddenly goes into labor. Xin-yi has a surprise discovery.

  • After the courses, Cun-xi uses a credit card to distract Xin-yi and Feng-jiao; Dr. Hao refuses to endorse. Xin-yi and Cun-xi have a huge fight.

  • Xin-yi and Cun-xi believe that their dog is going to be killed. Cun-xi's grandma asks him to go with Xin-yi to her motherhood courses.

  • Cun-xi has a misunderstanding and is angry with Xin-yi. On their first day of marriage, he takes out divorce papers and arranges a land transaction.

  • The two families each reach a consensus and agree to a wedding. The Wu family let slip something that causes Cun-xi to misunderstand Xin-yi.

  • Cun-xi and Xin-yi decide to have an abortion. Just as Xin-yi is about to be operated on, Cun-xi pulls her off the table.

  • Xin-yi's sister comes to catch Cun-xi who is selling the factory but kidnaps the wrong man. Cun-xi finds the memory card. Xin-yi admits her pregnancy.

  • Back from the trip, Xin-yi feels nauseous. Cun-xi comes to her company looking for a legal consultant and discovers that she appears to be pregnant.

  • Xin-yi, after her makeover, is encouraged to marry Cun-xi. Xin-yi pleads on someone else's behalf. Xiu-ling and Zheng-ren attend an art auction.

  • Xin-yi and Cun-xi unwittingly sleep together and someone barges in for photos. Cun-xi realizes that he has been set up and gives Xin-yi a makeover.

  • Xin-yi is an ordinary office girl who books a luxury cruise to win back her boyfriend's attention. Cun-xi plans to propose on the luxury ship.