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In this drama, two prison inmates, both wrongfully imprisoned for crimes they didn't commit, do everything they can to prove their innocence. At the same time, they're falling in love. The series aired in 2014.

Daily at 9:00 PM et/pt on
1 Season, 40 Episodes
August 4, 2014
Crime, Drama, Romance

Fugitivos Full Episode Guide

  • Ricardo confesses all of the horrible things he’s done to destabilize Julian. He manages to keep it together and hands himself in to be taken to jail.

  • The hit men hold Julian in his neighborhood and wait for Ricardo, who wants to kill him. Micaela undergoes a surgery to save her mother’s life.

  • Ricardo fires at Julian, but Esperanza takes the bullet for him. Julian turns himself in. Torres sees the video showing Julian didn’t kill Camila.

  • Houston kills himself in front of Esperanza, leaving her in shock. Micaela goes to Cabeto, but he rejects her. Micaela apologizes to her mother.

  • Ricardo buries Irina’s body. Houston talks on the phone with an agent helping him organize his escape. Esperanza finds out Micaela lied to her.

  • Julian asks Torres about Irina and Julian tells her Ricardo is going to try to kill her. Irina manages to escape from the hospital dressed as a nurse.

  • Ricardo gathers any evidence that might incriminate him, but he can’t find Patricia’s cell phone. Torres is following him, waiting outside his house.

  • Mariana talks with Samuel to make sure Ricardo doesn’t know they’re on Julian’s side. The boy hides the sedatives when Mariana pretends to take them.

  • Cabeto gives Micaela his phone. Esperanza hears Maribel is free. The police come to Julian, Mariana and the boy’s location. Ricardo visits Mariana.

  • Caviedes almost catches Julian. Caviedes goes to the supermarket to buy some groceries, and Julian takes advantage to get out of the trunk of the car.

  • Cicatriz unmasks Ricardo to Julian. He refuses to believe it, so Cicatriz plays a recording: “If I could get rid of Julian, I can get rid of you too.”

  • Lieutenant Morales holds Julian at gunpoint. He finds an opportunity to flee, but Morales shoots him in the shoulder. The police lose track of him.

  • Julián escapes for Bogotá. Esperanza catches Micaela as she’s about to fall to her death. They bury the hatchet and go to Guane. Micaela is drugged.

  • Julian escapes for Bogota. Esperanza catches Micaela as she’s about to fall to her death. They bury the hatchet and go to Guane. Micaela is drugged.

  • Esperanza refuses to go with Julian for her daughter’s sake. Julian leaves a letter. He manages to reach Zapatoca. Ramírez knows Julián’s been framed.

  • Houstons last call was to Damasco, a forger. Ricardo puts a laxative in Marianas coffee to keep her at home and meet with Irina on his own.

  • Houston is the real killer of the DEA agent. Plummer promises to rescue Esperanza and her daughter in exchange for the video evidence.

  • Houston gags Micaela and Elena and opens for the police. Plummer arrives on the scene and ballistics reveals Johnny was killed with his own gun.

  • Elena shows Julian how to reach Guane. Elena sees Micaela leaving with a man pointing a gun at her, and fires her shotgun. Houston manages to dodge.

  • Esperanza gets a call from Houston telling her he’s with her daughter. Micaela comes running to the house to tell Julian the police are after them.

  • Esperanza sends a coded message by radio to Micaela. Esperanza says she saw Mariana with a man. Julian shows her a photo to confirm it’s Ricardo.

  • Julian, Esperanza and Cabeto head to Barichara. Micaela wakes up at Elena’s house, a homeopathic doctor who found her and has been taking care of her.

  • Houston loses patience with the psychologist and shows his more psychopathic side, pulling his gun and threatening him. He’s taken to an asylum.

  • Ricardo makes Lorena a business proposal. Though she knows it’s somewhat illegal, she agrees to work with him as long as the profits are split 50-50.

  • Esperanza asks Mariana for information on Julian. Mariana says Patricia found out that Camila’s killer and the witness have family in Santander.

  • Cabeto and Julián look for Micaela in the river and find her body floating. They give her artificial respiration and manage to bring her around.

  • Houston gives Esperanza a cell phone to talk with Micaela. At the DEA, Houston traces the call and determines the area where they’re located.

  • Julian drinks himself into a stupor knowing he’ll never get Samuel back. Patricia calls Julian from a pay phone. Micaela answers the call.

  • Esperanza returns to prison accompanied by Houston. She receives the package from Julián and finds a paper frog like the ones she taught him to make.

  • Cicatriz gets into Patricia’s hotel room and finds out that Julian is in Calarca. Julian asks Micaela for the satchel, and she says it’s Houston’s.

  • Esperanza arrives at the hospital almost lifeless, but they save her. Rita tells Maribel that Esperanza has been taken to the hospital.

  • Sierra rapes Esperanza. Ana plays dumb. Julian manages to get a hand loose. No one can find Micaela. Sierra gives Ana more money to make up her mind.

  • Julián doesn’t dare tell Esperanza about Micaela. Julián and Micaela decide to leave quickly. Cabeto offers to show them where they can catch a bus.

  • Houston plans to pass himself off as a member of an NGO to win Micaela’s mother’s trust. Houston orders the calls to the DEA intercepted.

  • Julian tries to understand what it was she stole from Houston. Houston goes back to Micaelas and leaves with some photos, including one of Guajira.

  • Julián sets off a car alarm. Esperanza hopes Julian is OK and gives him her daughter’s diary, which says her father was killed for defending her.

  • Sierra takes Esperanza to a secluded area and tries to rape her, but Rita shows up to take her to the director. Julian is worried about Esperanza.

  • Julian and Esperanza plan an escape from La Bendita. Sierra realizes Esperanza and Julian had a conjugal visit and gets upset. Sierra hits Julian.

  • Camila calls Julian when she discovers money’s been embezzled at Hidrosferas. When he arrives, he finds her dead, as her killer, Cicatriz, escapes.